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Just do it!

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I came across a great article on Twitter this morning called Successful People Start Before They Feel Ready (via Twitter user Michael Sean Wright @nicefishfilms).

The article, written by James Clear, talks about the habits of a young boy and how they propelled him from being a high-school dropout to a billionaire. And how he just did things, rather than waiting until he felt ready or thought he was prepared or whatever.

It reminded me of another article I read the other day, that I can’t believe I haven’t shared with you yet. 16 Rich Habits came up in my newsfeed because I follow Success Magazine on Facebook. The content that shows up from following this one page is more valuable to me than most of the other pages I follow combined. Just so you know.

Number 9 of 16 Rich HabitsAvoid procrastination. Yeah. We all know that’s not my strong suit – yet. But slowly – as I keep reading these articles and making small changes, one at a time, it’s happening.

Yesterday i completed everything on my to-do list. It was a small list, because it’s the weekend and i find rest very important, but I kept my promises to myself and got it all done. Today will be the same.

Slowly I’m killing procrastination, and its opposite – just do it! – is taking over.


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