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Why I love “Just Do It”

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In yesterday’s post I meant to also talk about Nike, but I got carried away watching Nike commercials in my research.

I love Nike’s “Just Do It.” It says everything it needs to say and doesn’t waste any time. I’m not sure if you feel the same way, but it resonates with my procrastinating self and I just LOVE IT. You don’t need any words other than those three to inspire someone to move.

There are a million amazing Nike ads, but here’s one I found yesterday that I really enjoyed. It’s called “Possibilities.” I found it in this list entitled 25 Nike Ads That Shaped The Brand’s History, but the link was broken so I just found it directly on YouTube.

As an added bonus, Bradley Cooper voiced the spot. It’s a reminder of how a great voice actor makes all the difference. (I might be biased, but I think he did a great job.)

By the way, what did you do to start living those Rich Habits I wrote about yesterday? Habits take time, and if they’re going to make you rich you really don’t want to waste any more days.


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