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Don’t aim for perfection

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A while back, I posted about how I struggle with procrastination. I listed the reasons why, just based on what I know and am learning about myself.

I was proud to be finding answers and slowly making progress. Then I found this article on perfectionism and realized something. Maybe my #1 reason for procrastination was more right than I thought. Maybe procrastination is less of the issue and more of a symptom. Maybe my issue is wanting everything to be perfect, and that’s why I delay delay delay – I’m waiting for something that will help me make my project perfect.

Am I alone here? I can’t be the only one who fights with an inner procrastination demon. But maybe it’s not that we’re lazy, maybe we just want it to be amazing.

Well, self (and anyone else who’s like me), the only way you can make something good is by ACTUALLY DOING IT. So figure out what it’s going to take, and make it happen.


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