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Go get your goal

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Today I’m incredibly proud to tell you that the goal I set for myself a little over a year ago has now come to pass.

In September of last year, I sat at my kitchen table (the Ikea one that I built myself) and made myself a goal: I would save a certain amount of money by my birthday the next year. I set up a budget and made a plan, which included working a certain number of hours at my serving job and simply being smart about purchases.

I got up from the table feeling very excited, and that night went to a dodgeball game, where I badly sprained my ankle and couldn’t work the serving job for weeks.

That was the first of multiple bumps in the path, including the decision to quit my other job for my sanity, car issues, roommate trouble, and moving twice. When I made a very slow turn into a back lane and my car hit an ice crater and cracked the front bumper, I sat in the driver’s seat and cried.

It seemed like there was always something happening to keep me from my goals. I was terrified of failing, of not keeping up with this dream that I had. I wanted to keep my word to myself. And this sounds cheesy, but little by little, it happened. I made it happen. And then I conducted the e-transfer (plus two extra dollars just because), and just like that – it happened. The girl who sat at that little table, the girl who cried in the car – she made it. She achieved her goal, and this is just the beginning.

Make your goals, my friends. And have hope. You’ll make it.


One thought on “Go get your goal

  1. Congratulations Jenna! I have a hard time with specific, long term goals, so I admire that you were able to accomplish yours.

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