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Precipice: New Year’s Eve 2014

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Well, folks, it’s New Year’s Eve. One of the biggest party nights of the year, the night where you’re summarizing your last year and planning your upcoming year. Trying to figure out how to make THIS YEAR your best one ever, and avoid last year’s mistakes, or at least making some good plans.

These days, I’m pretty on the edge. I feel like there’s so much swirling around inside me that I can’t figure out what’s what and what I want to do.

There are unresolved issues (inside my crazy brain, at least) with so many things: my work, certain relationships, my career path, how to use my time, what my financial goals should be, where I want to live … LOTS OF THOUGHTS!

As someone who loves planning, I want to sit down and map out my year, taking into account the need to be flexible, but knowing that I’m going to hit A, B, and C. Not being able to do that is tough and mentally straining – I feel like I always have something rattling around in my brain, that’s floating in the background and that needs to be taken care of, like a slightly-pulled muscle that you can’t quite forget about.

But. I’m going to fight the grumpiness and the mental exhaustion that always hit me when I have unresolved business. This is easier when it’s not 2 hours before bed. It’s easier anytime I’m not super tired, or discouraged, or annoyed at the idiocy of the other people on the roads, but damn it I’m going to fight for this one.

A couple of ideas for Resolutions came into my head today (I know, I know, not like me!) so I’ll share that list tomorrow, but for now I’ll say so long! So long to 2014. It’s been an interesting year. Lots of highs, lots of lows.

And lots more to come in 2015.


(Full disclosure: I wrote “precipice” as the title of this post, did a double-take, then had to go look up the correct spelling. Oops!)


One thought on “Precipice: New Year’s Eve 2014

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