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Resolutions: 2015


Normally I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. But since I’m in the middle of figuring out my life anyway (see yesterday’s post), it sort of came naturally this time around. The first two on the list compiled themselves in my head before I had time to think, “wait a minute, I don’t do this New Year’s Resolution stuff!”* That being said, I do love lists. So once I typed out the first two items, some more followed. Here’s what I have. I tried to make them SMART goals, but didn’t worry too much about it. Just wrote what I was thinking.

  1. Read one book per month (not a novel – something related to business, networking, finances, etc)
  2. Exercise an average of three times a week (is it pessimistic to say, except in the case of injuries? Listen to your body, future self!)
  3. Get myself into a routine (it’s good for your body!)
  4. Don’t diet, but eat more vegetables.
  5. Revive my French skills to the point of being conversationally fluent.
  6. Start doing yoga
  7. Find a way to eat oatmeal that I enjoy
  8. Be able to do a handstand (I just tried against the wall and it’s SO HARD)
  9. Be physically prepared to be a hero (more on that coming soon)


I think what I’m going to do is work out myself (hopefully every day) for the month of January, while I work on getting my routine and my life into order. Then, when I go back to the gym for martial arts, I will be stronger and better than ever before. *The reason I don’t usually do it is because I hate doing anything just for the sake of doing it. I hate the idea of letting yourself go (whatever that means for you) and then having to get back to the gym/work/writing/diet just because it’s a new year. But I don’t judge people when they make resolutions, and I’m actually excited about these! (It could be the fact that it’s in list format, if we’re being honest.)

Update March 2015: I’ve created a tab at the top of the blog in order to keep track of my progress. All resolution-related posts will be linked there. This is happening! 


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