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30-day Challenge: Try Something New


Today I was talking with my dad about my 2015 resolutions, and he told me about a 30-day challenge that he’d seen on TED Talks.

After watching the talk (which is quite good, check it out), I still wasn’t sure how this could apply. He suggested I try some of the items on my list in 30-day periods. This doesn’t make sense for something that I want to do over the whole year (like eating vegetables or improving my French), but it could work to tackle some others such as yoga or a handstand – start with 30 days at a time and keep going from there.

Today I’m taking a rest day from working out due to a couple of strained muscles, but I’m excited to start everything! Am going to look into French classes sometime soon (tomorrow?) and see what I find.

Confession: I had the opportunity to eat oatmeal for breakfast this morning and I didn’t take it. Why? I DON’T LIKE OATMEAL AS A BREAKFAST CEREAL. Good luck, number 7!

Have you ever seen a really good TED Talk? For some reason I haven’t seen very many but they seem like something I should watch more of. Recommendations are welcome!


2 thoughts on “30-day Challenge: Try Something New

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