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My word for the year!

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Last night I found my word for the year. It came up when I was scrolling through Instagram, of all things (I’m @reallyjenna if you want to find me).

One of the motivational accounts I follow* posted a photo with the phrase “Concentration is your biggest challenge.” Underneath the photo was a writeup about not letting distractions get in the way, or even working with pure focus in 15-minute blocks of time.

This 15-minute thing seems like a great idea to me – I mean, imagine what you could do if you didn’t have your phone distracting you all the time? How many words could you write if you didn’t fall into a series of web links when you were doing some legitimate research? How much harder would you work out if you didn’t get off track between sets?

So I tagged my friend under that post and in talking with her about it, realized the perfect word for me for the year, and that is focus. Hone in on what you want to do and what you want to get out of that day, that week, that month – but start with this hour, or maybe even this 15 minutes.


Wish me luck, people. Unless I’ve magically changed my habits when the calendar year changed (I didn’t), I’m going to need it.


*The account is @before5am, if you wish to find it yourself.


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