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Nerves are good for you

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… right?!

Tomorrow I’m doing an audition and I’m super nervous about it! It’s crazy cause I’m not usually one to get nervous about things. I mean, I do, but not unit right before I start. I like public speaking, and doing theatre tends to bring about more excitement than nerves. But ahhh! I’m so nervous.

Reason tells me that there’s no point in getting worked up. Either I’ll be well-suited for a part or I won’t be, and I know there’s no point in thinking about it and worrying about it now. (To be clear, I’m really not worrying; I’m just nervous, mostly because I’m not exactly sure what to expect. Worrying is something else entirely.)

But as anyone who’s ever been nervous is well aware, reason has nothing to do with how you feel. These nerves are in the ‘fear of the unknown’ category, and that’s okay. The important thing is not letting my fear get in the way of doing something I really want to do – and I admit, the thought crossed my mind that maybe I shouldn’t go to this audition. Maybe I really don’t know what I’m doing and should keep myself in the director/producer/stage manager chair.

Stop. right. there.

That is an unacceptable train of thought to be on. If you catch yourself on it, please take a full stop and toss some dynamite onto the tracks. You don’t need to be on that train.

Sure, life is scary, but we both know that new situations are what helps us grow. Doing the same thing over and over in the same way does not make you a better person. It can work against you, not just stagnate growth but cause you to regress. If you catch yourself trying to cop out on something because you’re afraid, don’t buy in. There are a few tactics you can use to get back on track. Figure out which one works for you and use it!

Fortunately for me, my desire to give this a shot is a lot stronger than my fear of what it means to actually give it a shot. I talked myself off the “maybe I shouldn’t do it” train pretty fast. Your story might be different, and mine will be different the next time I’m afraid to do something. Maybe I won’t get this part. Maybe that’ll make it harder to audition next time. But the act of going out and trying makes me stronger either way. I’m not just going for an audition, I’m facing something I’m scared of doing and telling my fear to shut up.

Like I just texted to a friend, “Either way, I’m doing something I haven’t before, so I win.”

That’s right. So go out and face your fear too. Make yourself a winner. We’ve got this!


One thought on “Nerves are good for you

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