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Three ways to keep focused all afternoon

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I just caught myself sitting at my computer, literally staring blankly at the screen with head tilted to the side, my eyes unfocused, one hand on the mouse and the other spinning my pen. Totally glazed over.

The blame probably rests on the fact that I ate a mountain of chocolate cake after lunch (birthdays are great around here), but when I dropped my pen I realized what was happening and that I had to take action.
Here are three things you can do to snap yourself out of a mid-afternoon slump:
  1. Drink more water. Most of us aren’t getting enough of that good H2O, and unfortunately coffee isn’t going to cut it. I’m not slamming the caffeine (although I don’t drink it myself), but you just can’t replace water in its original form. If you find yourself trying to focus, go refill a glass with some water. Cold if you can manage it. Keep a glass of water right next to your left hand when you’re sitting at the computer, so when you have a free moment or are operating the mouse with your right hand, it makes sense to grab your cup for a quick sip.
  2. Move. Get the blood flowing! Your brain clears itself out when you move your body.
  3. Save your ‘active’ tasks for the sleepy time after lunch. If you’re delivering something or running an errand or talking on the phone and pacing at the same time, you’re a lot less likely to fall asleep than if you’re trying to weed through junk emails or make calculations.

(Disclaimer: I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago and forgot to post it! So I didn’t eat chocolate cake today, although I wish I did. The tips are still useful, though. Good luck!)


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