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Saving money with my new bike

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A few days ago I wrote about saving money by using a bike to get around. I said it was the next thing on my to-do list, but I wasn’t expecting to get ‘er done as quickly as I did. I went out the same day and bought this baby:

Jenna's new bikeAlthough I’m a huge believer in buying used items (for a number of reasons), I couldn’t find a bike that suited my purposes and was within my price range. So I caved and went to Canadian Tire.

After picking out this lovely, bright green piece of equipment, somehow wrestling it into the car and bringing it home, I went up and turned on Pretty Woman, which I hadn’t seen before.

I stopped it partway through.

a Winnipeg sunset

“What am I doing?” I thought. “I have a brand new bike and I’m sitting inside!” #Jennafail.

So I got out, and enjoyed the weather and the sunset. Sunsets may be my favourite thing ever.

I’ve done so little biking since I moved to Winnipeg, which is really a shame, because I LOVE IT. The feeling of the wind in your face and being able to go anywhere your legs take you is pure joy. I think I spent most of the ride with a big stupid grin on my face.

Jenna biking

Yep, that’s the one. I’m surprised I didn’t swallow a bug somewhere along the way.

I also biked over to where I work so I know that it doesn’t take much longer to cycle there than it does to drive. Score! Monday was much colder but I biked to work.

And so it begins (and by it, I mean the money I’m going to save by not driving everywhere)! I’m going to let the bike pay for itself and then I’m going to start saving up the extras! Whoo!

The weather has since taken a turn for the cold and snowy again, but soon it’ll be bike weather permanently. So what are you waiting for? Spring is just around the corner. Let me know your progress with biking, too!

Here's an alternate angle on the popular-for-photographers Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Here’s an alternate angle on the popular-for-photographers Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Until next time,

Jenna Anderson


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