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In defence of the cell phone generation

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I’m sitting at the airport in Denver, waiting to board the flight that will take me home from Hawaii. I got to spend some quality time with my sister, and enjoy an absolutely gorgeous area of the US. It has everything – beaches, hiking, volcanoes, mountain, desert, caves … it’s unreal. More on that to come.

But today, it occurred to me how many times my phone came in handy throughout the trip. (I’m so sleep-deprived it’s pretty amazing I had any thoughts occurring to me, but for some reason it just clicked.)

We, the cell phone generations, often get a bad rap. We’re accused of opting for digital instead of face-to-face interactions. We are thought of as always on our phones and as people who can’t write anything longer than 140 characters or a standard text message.

I’d like to protest this for just a minute. On our trip, our phones were very useful. The primary usage of my phone was as a decent quality, lightweight camera – I snapped everything from an underground cave to gorgeous sunsets on the beach. I’m sure small, lightweight cameras exist, but are they the same size as my cell phone?

The last day we went to the beach, met a bunch of people, and played a sport that we dubbed ‘boomerball’ (boomerang volleyball, named for the effect of the wind in pushing the ball back toward you). We played for about an hour, then I grabbed my phone and took a couple of quick photos and some video. It was super easy to get our new friends’ numbers and send them the shots of our great new game.

Another time my sister and I got a little lost, and again my phone came in handy for that. We turned on the data option and figured out where we were. It was dark out, it was raining, and it would have been a lot more stressful and complicated to figure out where we were another way. Possible? Absolutely, but our way was the easiest.

Obviously I’m not saying that everyone in my generation is smart with their phone use. I see people (of all ages) on their phones while driving. I see people on their phones when they’re at a restaurant with their family or in another situation that really deserves their full attention, and these things all make me sad/mad.

However,  I think we should be careful before labelling an entire group, or an entire group of products, because when used wisely, even in the hands of millennials, smartphones can certainly enhance either a vacation or everyday life.

(I plan on adding some pictures to this post later but my flight is boarding soon!)


Until next time,

Jenna Anderson


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