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Would you use a personal uniform?

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I read an interesting article recently about the idea of having a personal uniform.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, a personal uniform is basically wearing the same thing or type of thing each day in order to eliminate the mental clutter (and sometimes actual clutter in your closet) of having many options to choose from when it comes to what you wear.

The article mentions Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerburg as examples. Steve Jobs instantly came to my mind too, and a quick Google search also adds Stanley Kubrick, Andy Warhol, Matilda Kahl, and Christopher Nolan to the list. Does anyone notice something about this list of names? With the exception of Ms. Kahl, they’re all men. I think going for a personal uniform might be a little easier for men – but that’s not to say it’s impossible for women!

It’s also easier in climates where there temperature stays similar throughout the year. Winnipeg is not one of those places.

I’m not sure I’d actually want to adopt a uniform myself. I usually enjoy choosing an outfit to wear, depending on my mood and the occasion. When I’m tearing through my closet 20 minutes after I should have been out the door, trying and failing to find something to wear, then I can see the wisdom in it. Instead of adopting a full-out uniform, I might take my first small step in that direction and instead try to minimize my wardrobe.

Tips for minimizing your wardrobe

1. Get rid of stuff (this one is very straightforward but tough to do
2. Organize your items well so you can find things when you need them
3. Make a set of rules for your wardrobe
4. Figure out what works for your body and style and stock up!

You don’t have to use a full uniform, but maybe these tips will help you clear some of the clutter from your mind and even from your closet! I know I want to go straight to my closet and tidy things up. Or maybe you want to go full uniform. What do you think?

Speaking of uniforms, my high school had them! Here is 2007-or-so-Jenna, rocking the too-long hems and yes, that's red hair.

Speaking of uniforms, my high school had them! This is 2007-or-so-Jenna, rocking the too-long pant hems and yes,  that is red hair. I loved it.



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