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Self-help step 1: eat

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Okay. So yesterday I decided I’m going to try and get myself back on track, if not emotionally (because that takes time), physically. I haven’t been eating enough!

It’s time for some micro food goals. Here are mine:

  1. Eat some form of breakfast before 11 am.
  2. Eat a serving of vegetables every day.
  3. Eat some form of lunch between 11 and 2ish.
  4. Eat some form of lunch between 5 and 7ish.
  5. Bonus goal: try to only eat out 3x or less per week (for health and financial reasons).

Too simple? Maybe, but before yesterday I’d probably eaten around 6 meals total for the past week. On Friday I felt very hungry and so (this is terrible) I ate A COUPLE OF TRISCUITS until I didn’t feel hungry anymore, and then proceeded to not eat dinner until around midnight, when I was so hungry I got a burger.

This is not how you should treat your body! And now, it’s going to stop. I’m still going to be really sad (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, this will catch you up), but I’m trying not to get physically sick over it.


One thought on “Self-help step 1: eat

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