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The other day I was talking to my friend about creating video projects. We were talking about how when you practice something, you get good at it (duh). I respect this guy because he’s been posting gorgeous photos all summer.

While I’ve been sitting around (and okay, busy with other things), he’s gone out and honed his craft, and come up with some amazing stuff. It was great to catch up with him, but it was also a why-am-I-not-doing-this moment.

I need to start doing this for film projects – to just start practicing. DID YOU KNOW THERE ARE FREE SCRIPTS ON THE INTERNET? Yes, they’re online and available for use. (I have a hard time coming up with ideas sometimes.) And there are tons of talented people in this city; why not build relationships with those people and create some projects that we’re all proud of?

My goal is to get to the point of being like a machine – getting a team together where all the members trust one another and everyone can just do their own job to an awesome result. I know someone like this, and one of the key things is practice, which really does make things (almost) perfect.

Maybe I’ll set a goal for myself to produce a short film every two months or so. One of the sites I was looking at with free screenplays (check it out: has so many scripts because he forces himself to write a script each week. He says himself when he posts them: some of them he doesn’t like as much, but some of them are pretty good and funny and THAT is what I want to do.

When you produce a lot of stuff, even the projects you don’t love be better than the best work amateurs produce, because you’ve put in the time and brought your skill level up that much. And that’s where I want to be, so it’s time to get to work.


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