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Three things a day


Well, it’s 2016. And I have a list of resolutions, but I’m not quite done formulating my plan in my head.

But I DO know that this year I’m downsizing. So my (easily attainable) goal for this year is to get rid of 3 things a day. That’s it. They don’t have to be big, but I do need to remove three items from my life on a daily basis.

Here are the rules:

  1. Three items per day.
  2. Papers count as 1/2 an item (so six papers in one day).
  3. Items can go in a box to be donated/sold/passed along, but the box should generally be emptied each week.
  4. Items CAN be saved up (i.e. put 15 items in the box on the weekend for the next five days), but clearing things feels really good. Try to do this on a daily basis.

And that’s it!

If I stick to it the whole year, I’ll wind up with 1,098 items on January 31. Do I have that many unused/unliked things? We’ll see!

Edit Jan 13: I’ve been posting some of my “3 things” on my Instagram. For my own easy reference, I’ve created the hashtag #ditch3things. Check it out if you like!


3 thoughts on “Three things a day

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