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january goals

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I have some massive goals for this year. Some of them I’m scared to share, they’re so big. The master list is being posted soon – still working to compile it in a way that makes sense to someone other than me – but I need to get something out here. Here are my plans for January.

This is my organizational process. I started out with a random list of everything I wanted to do in January, because thinking of the whole year at once was just so big:

  • set a budget for the year
  • eliminate 3 things a day (papers count as half)
  • empty out car
  • select a few dishes to learn well (a pasta dish, crepes, butter chicken, a lentil dish, a meal salad?, and a dessert like pie or chocolate cake are maybes on the list so far)
  • follow up on credit rating (I have a few questions about what my last result showed)
  • food focus: lunches
  • find an accountant
  • Duolingo every day
  • blog minimum 2x/week
  • track all spending
  • build a list of habits I want to get into

So that’s a pretty massive list. I’ve broken it down like this:


  • Duolingo
  • Track spending
  • Ditch 3 things
  • Physio
  • IPP

Week 1

  • Set a budget for the year
  • Clean out my car
  • Wash my car
  • Write two blog posts
  • Print two copies of short film script

Week 2

  • Select 5 dishes to learn well
  • Find an accountant
  • Follow up on credit rating
  • Start prep for short film
  • Clean out desk
  • Write two blog posts

Weeks 3 and 4 don’t have tasks set yet.

Some items have been added from another list (I’m all about the lists) but this is my way of dividing to conquer. I took my master, I-have-so-many-things-to-do-in-January list and divided it into reasonably-sized tasks that are organized by week.

Did I do everything I wanted to in week 1? No, I did not. But it’s a start, and I feel good about it.

Try this method! Take your full list and divide it up for easier achievement.



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