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Facing consequences: spending freeze

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When I gritted my teeth and took a good look at my bank accounts three weeks ago, I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty.

Since December 2015 I’ve been to Cuba, Mexico, and Quebec City, and since my breakup in June I’ve been eating and drinking out more than I ever have before. But it was worse than I expected.

It hurts my pride to admit – I’m used to being good with money, to silently worrying about people who spend out all the time, to having enough cash in my bank account to generally be able to do whatever comes up. But all the eating and drinking out have finally caught up to me, and it’s time to stop.

The good (things I’ve spend my money on):

  • Trip to Ontario to visit my family (August 2015)
  • Trip to Cuba with my brother (December 2015)
  • Trip to Mexico with my roommate (January 2016)
  • Trip to Barrie to play in a national dodgeball tournament (we placed 3rd!)
  • Set of lights (for filmmaking and photography)
  • AMYC course
  • ZTL course
  • Investment ($200 every paycheque goes to a combination of a TFSA and RRSP)

The bad:

  • Those trips cost a lot! (Average of $1000/trip)
  • Lots of eating out
  • Lots of drinking out (wine is king)
  • Gym membership I hardly used
  • Domain name for a website I haven’t set up yet (what a waste!)

Where I’m at is not okay with me. Obviously time for some Serious Measures to be taken, so I’ve started a spending freeze.

Spending freeze rules are very simple: don’t spend any money. Exceptions include food (but absolutely zero eating out) and gas (as soon as it’s warm I’ll start biking to work), and I bought social tickets because I’d already committed to going, but this is serious business. It’s already been going for about two weeks (I started after Easter), and surprisingly it hasn’t really hurt my social life too much. Meeting someone for lunch means going for a walk, and hangouts take place at my house or my friend’s.

For the first time ever, I have a spreadsheet to keep track of my spending. Normally I’m good with staying within my budget, but apparently I’m not to be trusted and have therefore lost my spend-within-reason privileges.

I will report back soon.


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