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Spending freeze update

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My spending freeze is going pretty well, considering the weather has been amazing here (until this week) and all I want to do is lie in my hammock and drink wine. HOWEVER. As a strong, disciplined woman (sometimes), that’s not an option.

After doing an amazing job at saying no to everything since Easter, I have broken the freeze three times in the last ten days:

  1. Purchased rope to hang my hammock, because it’s summer and I want to sit/lie in that thing. (Although apparently we’re going to get snow tonight. Why?!)
  2. Bought burritos for myself and a friend who’s helped me out.
  3. Purchased a Cliff bar, which I then ate for lunch the next day .. so maybe not really breaking the rules. I was GOING to buy a fire pit but it didn’t pan out.

So I’ve been doing very well. Next step: determine some kind of (small) leisure/spending budget for summer. I want to be all hardcore but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t make it.

Next challenge: debating whether to break the freeze (again!) for a bottle of wine this weekend. Wish me luck.


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