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November 30-day challenge: create something


Yes, I am still in the middle of a 30-day challenge. I have been pretty good at selecting at least one item each day to get rid of – and it feels great! Tidying has a domino effect; if I select one thing to get rid of, chances are good I’ll have another one or two to add to the box.

But my sister and I started that challenge in the middle of the month, on October 20th, and there’s something intellectually easier (for me at least) about working within the constraints of the calendar months.

So, we’ve started another Challenge, and today is day 1. This post, in fact, is my first creation.

November challenge: create something

  1. Create something each day that didn’t exist before.
  2. Create things in three different mediums each week. (Write, paint, crochet/knit, scrapbook, photograph, edit, colour.)
  3. Each day’s work doesn’t have to be “good,” “right,” or complete. Just do something.
  4. Photos must be taken or edited. Simply finding a long lost photo and posting it online doesn’t count as creation.

We discussed a number of ideas and I’m excited about the possibilities, all the challenges we can do, but based on where my life is at right now I really want to be able to look back at this month and feel that I have done something, that the time mattered. Creating pieces of artistic work that did not exist before will surely have that effect.

There are no rules about how much of something we must complete in a day – I think as creators, we will know when progress has been made.

Here’s to November!


3 thoughts on “November 30-day challenge: create something

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