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25 things I love about Christmas

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  1. Internet access to video chat with the family
  2. Warm blankets and cozy in a chilly room
  3. Eco-friendly wrapping solutions
  4. All the classic (and terrible) Christmas movies
  5. Homemade buns
  6. Christmas lights
  7. ‘Merry Christmas’ texts from friends
  8. Candycanes
  9. Snowflakes that stay on your hair and make you look like an ice princess
  10. Kids laughing
  11. Homemade cinnamon buns for breakfast
  12. Scented candles
  13. Elf hats on babies
  14. Neighbors who help you shovel your car out of the snow


    Photo by Carrie Miller

  15. Eating way more than you ever needed to in one day
  16. The little bit of ribbon you find taped to your sweatpants two days later
  17. Christmas colours – red, green, white, and gold are so pretty
  18. Christmas oranges
  19. Watching someone open a present you know they’re going to love
  20. The obligatory family photo no one wants to take but everyone likes looking back on
  21. Snowman decorations are freaking adorable
  22. Being old enough to sleep in on Christmas morning
  23. The smell of a real Christmas tree
  24.  Gravy and stuffing
  25. Heading home sweet home after all the festivities

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