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7 tips to a better year

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I posted an article last week, and would love to hear what you think. Here’s how it begins:

7 tips to a better year

This isn’t a list of the resolutions you should make for the new year. I’m not telling you to exercise more, stop smoking, or get out into nature. Instead, I’m giving you seven filters. Look through them and see how they will help change your year for the better.

1. Reflect. Take a bit of time alone, maybe with a pen and paper (and a glass of wine if you’d like) to think about the past year. What stands out? Good and bad, what is clear in your memory? Consider why these memories are the highlights and lowlights. Are there any trends or lessons for you? What should you do more of this year? What should you avoid?

2. Decrease guilt. What dampens your emotional mood? How can you decrease its recurrence? If you regularly forget to pay your bills, set up an automatic credit card payment or e-transfer. If you want to cook at home more often, do a bit of research on easy-to-freeze meals and make a big batch of something so you have a plan to fall back on when time runs short.

There are five more points in the full article here.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!


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