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Go call your person. Seriously.

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On Tuesday, my cousin and I planned a phone conversation and were able to catch up for about an hour. She and I have been friends ever since I can remember, and every time we talk I wonder why we don’t talk more often. It’s always as if time hasn’t passed, except I don’t know what’s happening in her day-to-day life like I should and want to.

I know there are those people who you can pick up with right where you left off, even after months of not talking to or seeing each other. But my thought, after hanging up with my cousin and just feeling so happy and connected, is to wonder why on EARTH months go by between our conversations.

This is important. “Everyone’s just so busy” isn’t good enough. You make time for what matters to you, and there are a few people who really matter to me. I don’t want “scrolling through social media” to trump my favourite people for the way I spend my time.

So I’m counting this as a New Year’s Resolution post: I want to connect with people I care about, and I have to be deliberate about doing so. And I encourage you, pick up your phone and give your bestie or your parents a call. Short and sweet is fine. Just do it.


One thought on “Go call your person. Seriously.

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