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Lightening review: The Rosie Project

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Despite being in Europe for two weeks in March, I managed to read two novels – both while on my trip (the Kindle is an amazing thing). The first was The Rosie Project, by Graeme Simison.

Written from the scheduled and orderly world of Don Tillman, the book is both entertaining and enlightening. Although at first the reader isn’t sure what’s happening, it isn’t long before the realization hits: the protagonist almost certainly is an undiagnosed autistic, and as the reader the opportunity is presented to see past the curtain and into his mind.

Don decides one day that although his forays into the world of dating have been unsuccessful so far, he would not make a bad partner, and goes about devising a plan to meet the perfect woman for him. What follows is both hilarious and insightful as we look at the world of dating from a new perspective.

A highly entertaining story, The Rosie Project also provided me with the opportunity to look at the world through the eyes of someone who is unlike me. Simison instructs about autism at the same time he draws you to root for Don. Excellent read. Highly recommended.


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