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New Year’s Resolutions 2017: update

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We’re 1/4 through the year already! I need to keep checking in on my goals so they don’t slip away. So here’s my progress report for my 2017 resolutions:

Continue decreasing impact on environment. Along with trying to invest in products with limited packaging, avoiding plastic bags, and keeping a reusable water bottle handy, I’ve also been delighted by the weather. I’ve already gone on several short bike rides, to the gym and the grocery store. Trying to get in the habit of using my bike for everyday life.

Be on time. I’m getting better. A little. I’m trying very hard to build a buffer into my planning but it’s a tough mental adjustment. I always think I have more time than I do! I’m also trying to pack my things far in advance so when I suddenly realize it’s time to go.

Celebrate birthdays. So far I’ve sent two birthday cards to people I care about, and I try to wish people happy birthday online. I’m also doing my best to attend birthday celebrations, a pleasure that work sometimes prevents me from enjoying.

Celebrate life. Make traditions. Not much progress here yet. I’ve started making pizza regularly, if that counts. More to come with this one.

Buy used or local things. Haven’t bought too many things lately except some clothing, which can be tough to find in the right size/style. Certainly will continue trying to go used and/or local as the year continues and I find I need things. (Another note is that I’m trying to buy less this year.)

Connect with the people I care about. It’s only been a couple of phone calls, but I’m making an effort to connect with friends of mine who live in other provinces. It’s my goal to be the first one to make contact, not every time, but sometimes. If these people matter to me (and they do), I should show it.

Create often. I’m writing, taking pictures, and planning more projects. Right now I’m writing something every day. Doesn’t matter what, but something just needs to happen every day. I’ll start sharing more, but in the meantime here’s something I published on Medium.

Start selling something. Working on this.

Make money freelancing/writing. Working on this too.

Make a new dish every month. This went really well for January. I made several new things, and then had to wait for February. And then I was sick in February and procrastinated, and then I went on my trip in March … I need to try a few new recipes this month to catch up. I really did enjoy the cooking I did at the start of the year.

Track all spending, all year. This is going poorly. I haven’t found a good system for tracking expenses. I used an app to track my purchases for a while, but don’t remember to every time; I tried writing expenses down on paper and that was even worse. If anyone has any tips for me I’d appreciate it. Using a paper agenda is better for me than an electronic one; maybe I need a designated spending notebook or something.

Recover savings & resume investing. Working on this too. I’ll be resuming my contributions to my TFSA very soon – it’ll be a small amount to start with but I intend to work my way up to my original contribution amount soon!

Yoga 3x/week. My yoga habit got derailed when I got sick, and hasn’t gotten back on track yet. I was really enjoying it but for some reason I’m having a hard time getting it going. I’ve adjusted the goal to twice a week for now, and will readjust in a few weeks when I’ve made it a habit.

Read two books/month (one fiction, one non). This is going pretty well. I’m one non-fiction book short and one novel ahead (although I don’t carry books forward), and really enjoying myself so far. The Rosie Project is one of my favourites so far.

French. Level up again. I’m working my way through Duolingo (which you really need to check out if you’re not familiar). As with everything else, I haven’t been quite as consistent as I’d hoped, there’s still a lot of year left. I’ve also realized that it would be great to take another French course through USB – I’ll be doing that as soon as I have the funds available.

So I have a mixed bag – some things are right on track, others need a little more work. Right now I’m focusing on exercise and that’s always my first domino to health, productivity, and everything good.


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