Health, fitness, communications, and everything in between!

About Jenna

Hey! My name is Jenna Anderson. Thanks for joining me here on Jenna’s Day. I’m a mid-twenties writer who lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

This is my personal blog, where you can find everything from what I ate for lunch (I promise if I write about that, it’ll be good) to meaningful advertising campaigns to advice on how to meet your goals this year. I love lists, so here’s one to help you learn a little more about me. Anything you want to know that’s not here? Just ask!

  • I love being active. I play soccer, dodgeball, and do mixed martial arts.
  • I studied communications, including public relations, media production (television and radio), journalism, and advertising.
  • I grew up in southern Ontario and came to Winnipeg when I was 18. I’ve been back and forth for summers a few times since then, but this place is home now.
  • My key skills include: writing, photography, videography, and editing.
  • Theatre is awesome. I used to act and am starting to get back into it, but I also love being behind the scenes. This summer I’m stage managing a play at the Fringe Festival. You’ll hear all about that as we get closer to the date.
  • Topics that interest me and that you’ll likely be able to read about here: fitness, health, communications, productivity, personal management and goal setting, and creativity.

If you’d like to get in touch regarding freelancing or something I’ve written about, you can reach me at

You can also find me on Twitter: @reallyjenna

And three guesses what my IG handle is! You got it: @reallyjenna



Jenna’s Books – my running list of all the books I have/am/and want to read.


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