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November challenge: week 3

How is this challenge almost done already?!

I’m so glad I started. These days would pass by anyway, but all this work I’m creating now exists in the world, my world. And that’s a good thing.

Week 3 looked like this:

  • Tuesday: painted with my friend Megan
  • Wednesday: knitted
  • Thursday: MISSED A DAY?! I don’t remember what I did this day, and apparently forgot to write it down. I will make it up and update.
  • Friday: knitted
  • Saturday: finished a stitching project I’ve been meaning to finish for months
  • Sunday: finished my Christmas party invitation
  • Monday: creative writing

This week’s projects had me working in FIVE different mediums. Very cool.

I’m not perfect. I’m not a robot. With my changing schedule, it seems unlikely that I can do pretty much anything every single day. But this challenge has helped me reframe, because I can do almost anything for 30 days.

This post is coming late, and we’re into the last week of November! Crazy! How will the last week go? What will next month’s challenge be?!


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November challenge: week 2

This week I missed two days in a row (Friday and Saturday). I was hoping to make it through the whole month without missing a day, but hey, that’s life. I DID make it up on Sunday though.

So strange: rarely am I in the mood to create something, but is it rewarding to look back on what I’ve done? You know it.

Here’s week 2.

  • Tuesday: knitted
  • Wednesday: knitted
  • Thursday: creative writing (I used a writing prompt from Reddit)
  • Friday: knitted (late)
  • Saturday: Christmas party invite (late)
  • Sunday: Christmas party invite
  • Monday: took this photo

It’s going well! I have work that didn’t exist before, and I worked in four  different mediums this week. Challenge, complete!

Also, check out my knitting. Making progress:


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November challenge: week 1

It’s been a great week for this challenge! Such a variety of creativity for me.

For week 1 I:

  • Tuesday: wrote a blog post
  • Wednesday: drew a (very bad) cartoon that makes me smile every time I think about it, even though I don’t think anyone else would even get the joke
  • Thursday: worked on a Christmas party invitation in Photoshop
  • Friday & Saturday: knitted what is proving to be a very uneven produce bag for groceries (I’m trying not to use plastic)
  • Sunday: edited this sunset photo
  • Monday: knitted more while listening to podcasts (I’m enjoying knitting, and maybe the bag won’t be THAT lumpy)

So far it’s been great and I haven’t missed a single day. I haven’t used any sort of measurement or minimum length of time that must be spent creating, and that’s working out just fine. I go based on my mood and the project.

Looking forward to this next week and all the creativity it will entail.