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It’s time for Farmer’s Markets!

It’s that time of the year again!

I was just reading a blog post about gardening. Not sure why, since I live in an apartment with no yard. Apparently I like to torture inspire myself with things that I Will Do Someday but can’t right now. Someday! Anyway, it reminded me that although I can’t garden myself, it is spring/summer already and that means Famers’ Markets are once again a thing in this city!

If you live in Manitoba, you may already know there’s a website for many of the Farmers’ Markets held in our province. It has a convenient listing of markets throughout the province and city. However, because it’s an association website, not all markets are listed.

One of my goals is to eat more veggies, and I want to buy locally when possible. So I think it’s time to say goodbye to the grocery store* for fresh-grown things and visit these markets on a regular basis! Here are the ones I’m thinking about hitting up for all my fresh food needs:

  • The Forks – Sundays, from 1-4 pm (haven’t been to this one yet)
  • Downtown – Thursdays, 10-3 (this one is great, although not listed on the site. It’s run by the Downtown Biz instead. It was right next to my previous workplace so I’ve been here several times. Still is just a short bike ride away!)
  • Wolseley – Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4-7 (this one was small last time I was there, but had delicious fresh honey and other good stuff)
  • St. Norbert – market on Saturdays from 803 and Wednesdays from 1-4 (have been once, is very large, including food trucks and entertainment. Was almost too big for me.

Sadly, there are no Farmers’ Markets conveniently located right in St. Boniface, where I live. Happily, I can move myself to where they are, either by bike or if I’m already driving by them.

But wait! I almost missed on! I had to take a closer look because apparently I don’t know where this venue is.

  • Gas Station Arts Centre Village – Thursdays, 4-8 pm (never heard of, but this one is the closest to my home and has convenient hours to stop by after work)

Do you shop at Farmers’ Markets? I don’t actually know whether the prices are much or any better, I just like markets. Let me in on your tips and the best deals!

*It’s important to keep in mind that lots of the food in grocery stores is, in fact, grown locally. There is a Made in Manitoba label that you will see all over the place, and those are a great option! I also like Farmers’ Markets because of the atmosphere, the laid-back style of shopping (no crazy people with shopping carts) and the fact that I can look into the eyes of the person who grew/made the food.