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How to get your Canadian credit report and credit score

This is a follow-up to last week’s post about getting your Canadian credit report and credit score. I had to do some digging to find the right information so am hoping this will help other Canadians (and my future self the next time I try to do this).


  • Credit report: I called the number (1-800-663-9980) on the TransUnion website to request my credit report. I was hoping to make my way through to a real person so I could purchase my credit score at the same time, but the number never reached a real person. After a series of automated questions, the virtual assistant “Terry” told me I would receive a copy of my credit report by mail (and that they typically come within 5-7 business days).
  • Credit score: Apparently it is impossible to get your credit score mailed to you hard copy. I googled “TransUnion credit score” and it took me to this page, and accidentally signed up* for the monthly credit monitoring service. Click on the orange “Get your credit score and report” button to see where I went to get it. Once I’d logged into my accidental new account, it was easy to see both my credit score and report. I saved a PDF of my credit score then called to cancel my new subscription (another fun fact: you can’t cancel your subscription online; you must call). The number for this call was 800-508-2597.

    As expected, the agent tried to convince me of the benefits of credit monitoring but I was irritated about how unclear and difficult the site was and didn’t let her talk me into staying on. (Don’t worry, I was of course still polite to her; it’s not her fault the site is stupid.)

    I wanted to purchase my credit score so I’m okay with being charged for this one month; I didn’t try to get them to waive the fee or anything like that – but I’m still unimpressed about how the whole thing went down and how difficult it is to find anything other than monthly subscription services on their website. See yesterday’s post about being an angry ant.

    *(Looking back at the sign-up page, it does say along the right-hand side that I’m purchasing monitoring, but I didn’t see it before – is it a coincidence that’s where ads are typically placed on web pages? Don’t think so. So make sure you read everything carefully.)


  • Credit report: Try as I might, I couldn’t find a way to order my free credit report online. In the end I had to print out their form, fill it out, go to Staples for a front-and-back photocopy of my license and health card, put everything into an envelope, and drop it in the mailbox.
  • Credit score: All that’s required for this is to check off the box on the above form and include your credit card information, and I HOPE everything will be delivered together within a couple of weeks.

Hope this helps my fellow Canadians with obtaining credit reports and scores. It’s important to review this information occasionally, especially to check for mistakes (which apparently happen a lot). You don’t want something you didn’t do to affect your credit. I’m hoping for no mistakes on mine, but if they’re there, you’ll get a play-by-play on how to dispute entries.

Good luck!


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Money matters in 2018

One thing I’ll be improving this year is how I handle my finances. I’m going to be building some serious wealth in the next few years and I need to make sure I know how to handle everything and where it’s all going.

I’ll be going through Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach You to be Rich again and implement his suggestions, such as automating finances. More on that as I get to it.

I did some research last night and decided it’s about time to get my credit score and report. Us Canadians have two national credit bureaus: TransUnion Canada and Equifax. Both of their websites seem to be crafted with deliberation to steer people toward the monthly plans rather than the one-time purchases. I felt like an ant in a funnel spider’s trap, although with probably less fear and more rage than an ant feels. The plan is to call each organization today to see if I can get through to a real live human.

Equifax form for if I want to do it all by snail mail instead of ON THE INTERNET LIKE WE LIVE IN 2018 (see, there’s the rage). TransUnion didn’t even have an option I could find.

Some useful resources I came across:

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Spending freeze update

My spending freeze is going pretty well, considering the weather has been amazing here (until this week) and all I want to do is lie in my hammock and drink wine. HOWEVER. As a strong, disciplined woman (sometimes), that’s not an option.

After doing an amazing job at saying no to everything since Easter, I have broken the freeze three times in the last ten days:

  1. Purchased rope to hang my hammock, because it’s summer and I want to sit/lie in that thing. (Although apparently we’re going to get snow tonight. Why?!)
  2. Bought burritos for myself and a friend who’s helped me out.
  3. Purchased a Cliff bar, which I then ate for lunch the next day .. so maybe not really breaking the rules. I was GOING to buy a fire pit but it didn’t pan out.

So I’ve been doing very well. Next step: determine some kind of (small) leisure/spending budget for summer. I want to be all hardcore but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t make it.

Next challenge: debating whether to break the freeze (again!) for a bottle of wine this weekend. Wish me luck.