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Photo: Ireland’s mountains

Not all of Ireland is green.



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My start in the film industry

I postedĀ this on my Facebook but forgot to also share it here. So I’ve pre-dated it and I hope you enjoy. šŸ™‚

I just did it again. I caught myself smiling for no specific reason at my desk.

For the last month or so I’ve been working in the production office for a film called Sorry for Your Loss. It’s my first time working on a production this big, although my previous set and office experience have combined to help make the learning curve a little less steep.

That being said, the learning curve has been pretty steep! It’s a strange and challenging experience to set foot in a new work culture, one with its own language and expectations, and take on the role of information carrier. It’s hard to do a great job when you don’t even know what you don’t know. But, I got lucky. I got an amazing boss who was willing to teach me what I needed to know to do this job. Her expectations were reasonable, and with her guidance, I was able to do a pretty great job as Assistant Production Coordinator (fancy, I know).

After a year that was harder than I ever anticipated, I am so excited to finally be working in my field. The hours are long, and not every day is perfect, but I’m finally where I’ve been working and waiting to be. And that’s why, not every day, but some days, I catch myself grinning away at my desk for no specific reason.

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Production Designer: High School Tough Guys

It was a great pleasure to work on this project. The tasks were varied, the cast and crew were fantastic, and I got to try something new! But as it always does, it really came together in the editing suite. It was so exciting to see the final product:

I literally jumped around and couldn’t stop smiling when I found my name in the credits. That’s me, for real, right there in the credits. Production designer. I designed stuff. For theĀ production. Because I was theĀ production designer. Truly exciting.