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Positive psychology for children

I learned about Amy Blankson’s work through her brother, Shawn Achor. Last year I attended a conference Shawn was speaking at, and WOW, was I ever an instant fan! I truly believe we can change the world by putting his work into practice (plus, he has the evidence to prove it).

Amy’s work focuses on “how to cultivate happiness in a digital era.” (More about Amy here.) This has some crossover with her brother’s work, so now of course I’m a fan of them both.

I found out from Amy’s newsletter that the pair collaborated on a children’s book called Ripple’s Effect, which was written to teach positive psychology to children.

I’m not a parent yet (and maybe won’t ever be), but this seems like such an important skill to teach kids that I’m leaving this note here on my blog for future reference. That’s right, I now have a category tag for parenting.