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How do you know what you want?

I read a lot of articles about productivity and work and finding the right niche for yourself. Today I read two articles that both told me in no uncertain terms that I had to know what I want in order to get it. And I need to get specific about it.

This makes sense. How can you reach a destination without knowing where you’re headed? The problem is, for years I’ve struggled to know what it is I want. The things I know I want are a little more abstract: I want the freedom to visit my family and friends, I want to be free from worrying about money, I want to be able to stay in shape and eat tasty food and be creative.

But – who do I want to visit, and how often? How much money is enough to keep from worrying? Do I want a trainer or a variety of sports/activities? Would I prefer to be creative in my work or on the side? How do you figure this stuff out? I don’t even know which department I want to work in, much less exactly where I want to be living in five years.

How do people figure this stuff out?

Tips are welcome.


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Guitar chords

Here are some songs I enjoy playing/would like to learn on guitar:

What’s the common thread tying these songs together? The chords. They’re easy enough for me to play.

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Visualize your goals (no, really)

Probably the biggest reason I’ve started to succeed in my workout goals is this flimsy piece of paper.

Notice the lack of workouts/exercise at the beginning of the month? I didn’t have the paper yet! I did it about halfway through, and although it’s not a 100% fix, it sure got better once I had the accountability of a visual reminder. (This is my second month using a paper chart, and for May I’m going to write out the chart before the month even starts!)

This may not be what makes sense to you. Maybe you need a to-do list on your phone (I have one of those as well). Maybe you need to write things down on a piece of paper. Maybe you need a white board, or a giant chart like Gretchen Ruben did in The Happiness Project (which I apparently forgot to tell you about. Coming soon).

But whatever it is, you need to figure it out and get on it. I’m trying to figure out what will make me most productive in other areas too. Testing, testing! Will share when I have something figured out.

Until next time, lovely people!

Jenna Anderson