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Photo: Ireland’s mountains

Not all of Ireland is green.



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Occasionally I will post a photo to my Instagram page and say, “link in my bio!” But I can only post one link there at a time. So here’s the landing page to help you find whatever you’re looking for.

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Sunset photo

Review of Mindi Kaling’s Why Not Me?

Three things a day

“Today, for the first time in two weeks, I decided to wake up and act like a normal person.”

The first find beauty challenge


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Find beauty, because life is beautiful

Today I found this article in The Globe and Mail. The author, Alison Delory, talks about searching for beauty in the world following her friend’s death, and it reminded me of last year’s 30-day challenge to find beauty in my world.

Ms. Delory conducted her search for a different reason than I did; hers was almost a form of survival while mine launched from a heart overflowing with joy. I don’t pretend that our searches were the same, or that they had the same effect on each of us as people. But reading her article reminded me: beauty matters. She searched for it instinctively while grieving the loss of her friend, and (like me) found it in unexpected places.

Lovely things can lift us up, remind us that there’s more to this world than the pain we’re dealing with; it can confirm our faith that there’s good in the world; it can lift us from our own small world to see a larger picture. Beauty matters to our hearts as humans.

While I’ve gone through my own dark times since the last Find Beauty Challenge, I am grateful to find myself once again in a pretty lighthearted place. I’m not searching for beauty out of survival. But beautiful things lift us up, make us smile, and make us softer in the best way.

So let’s do this again. The rules will be the same as last time, except I’m starting today:

  1. This starts TODAY!
  2. Post one photo per day.
  3. Post photos the day you take them. (If you miss a day, sneak it in, but the point is not to go for a walk on day 1, take ten photos, and post for the next ten days. The point is to constantly look around you.)
  4. Beauty can be found in many places.
  5. This goes on for 30 days.