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Someone to read: Cal Newport

I happened upon the name Cal Newport in a thread on Twitter yesterday morning. He was listed as a positive exception among those who revert to hacks rather than quality.

Sounded like a good exception (and the name sounded a little familiar) so I turned to good ole Google with “Cal Newport writer.”

After poking around his website a little, I requested one of his books from the library. I also like his about page.

Thought you might enjoy as well!


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Build a meaningful network

I think lots of people feel lonely and disconnected sometimes. If your three best friends are all busy on a given night, it’s easy to feel like you have no one out there for you.

Your feelings are totally valid, but rather than letting them run away on you, there are some actions you can take to improve your social networks.

This article has some great tips and suggestions to help you do just that. Have a read!


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Doing more than I think I can

So I’ve started back to work (yay!) and it is of course super tiring and I’m trying to adjust.

The first week I mostly went home and collapsed on the couch (and I do a ton of errands each day so I don’t feel bad about this at all). However, I had a conversation with my cousin and she encouraged me to spend even a little time on things after work. Now, she was talking specifically about writing but somehow I took it to heart.

And, in the second week of work I:

  • Wrote
  • Worked through week 1 of a fiction writing course I’m taking online
  • Wrote an article for The Uniter
  • Went to the final meeting for a group on personal growth
  • Started a new book on personal finance

In the third week (so far) I:

  • Tried a new recipe to great success
  • Researched and sourced a gift for a friend
  • Asked friends for recommendations then chose a company to invest with
  • Opened investment account (still need to connect it with my checking account so I can set up automatic deposit)
  • Went to the gym twice (albeit briefly) – and this was a big win for a number of reasons.
  • Wrote this blog post

So yes, I’m tired. But I’m also not letting my crazy schedule get the best of me. I’m doing more than I thought I could.