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28 things (a birthday post)

Today I turned 28, and instead of posting a 30-before-30 list, or any kind of aspirational list, I’ve decided to take a look back at some of the experiences I’m most proud of/grateful for. They span over my life, and are in no particular order.

I’m proud of myself for …

  1. Quitting a safe and enjoyable job to pursue the field I wanted to work in (and I did it!!)
  2. Surviving life for the last nine years in Winnipeg! It’s been really hard sometimes not having family locally to turn to – but I’ve survived and thrived!
  3. Being a hardcore and strategic dodgeball player
  4. Getting a medal for wrestling (a non-mainstream sport) in high school
  5. Listening to my gut and going to Chicago earlier this year. I met some amazing people and learned a lot.
  6. Taking the time to keep growing and learning
  7. Being willing to spend money on something that matters (even though it goes against how I learned to interact with money)
  8. Working hard to get more in shape

I’m grateful for …

  1. My family. I talked to (how many of them?) today
  2. How kind my boss at Mona Lisa was
  3. The opportunity to meet so many badass women in the film industry! Every direct boss I’ve had so far has been awesome.
  4. My first year of college: the most creatively fulfilled I’ve ever felt
  5. Awesome music. I’ve found several songs and a few artists over the years, and very much appreciate how they’ve spoken to me at different times throughout my life.
  6. My friends. Although they’ve come and gone throughout my life, I am grateful for the people who’ve stuck around!
  7. The ability to learn about myself. I credit my love of reading solely with this (although I guess I should admit that podcasts are also in there)
  8. The ability to travel. In 2017 alone I’ve gone to Ireland, Halifax, Chicago, and western Canada (Kelowna and Calgary). I’m so grateful to be mobile in this way
  9. The opportunities I’ve had to write
  10. All the learning I’ve done this year about my limitations and failures. It will help me avoid making the same mistake
  11. The discovery of shellac nail polish
  12. All the amazing things Winnipeg has to offer: Superspike, Fringe Festival, Festival du Voyageur. It’s a creative and amazing city
  13. How awesome my bosses in my corporate jobs were – both of them encouraged me to do what was best for me, which in both cases meant leaving the company
  14. A growing appreciation for good food
  15. How great a perm looks on me
  16. The ability to learn things from people who suck
  17. What I’ve learned from my romantic relationships
  18. Everything I’ve learned about myself from Gretchen Rubin’s books and podcast
  19. How badass I feel when I work out
  20. My youngest sisters getting phones so I can keep in touch more easily
  21. Every opportunity I have to hold someone’s baby
  22. Freedom to do what I want and arrange my own plans with my new job.

These two lists were supposed to add up to 28 but apparently I got a little carried away! 😉 It was hard not to turn this post into a goals list, or a list of things I wish I’d done better. I have what feels like a lot of regrets for someone my age. But that’s not what this is for. This post is only for looking back. And smiling.


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Jobs in film

It seems like many people are unfamiliar with jobs in film beyond the well-known actor, director, or producer.

When I tell someone I work in production, I typically need to give them more info about what exactly my job entails. And that’s fine! How would anyone learn if they didn’t ask? I ask dozens of questions and am happy to say I learned so much while working on my latest film.

But just in case, I thought it might be fun to share this list of jobs. Who knows, you might learn something new!