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New Year’s Resolutions 2018

My good friend Meg Crane and I had an excellent goal-setting session in December. Since then, I’ve continued to think about and distill my goals, and I’m both excited and optimistic about this year. It’s not going to be perfect, but it’s going to be awesome.

Word for the year: health.

I’m so grateful for my health and want to take whatever steps I can to preserve it. That’s my one-word focus for the year. I want to be in the best condition I can do take on the world!

Health goals

  • get a physical
  • visit the dentist
  • exercise (see exercise category below)
  • physio monthly
  • massage monthly
  • get my hearing checked
  • try 12 plant-based recipes

Exercise goals

  • leg press 300 lbs
  • exercise 5x per week
  • yoga 2x per week
  • moving toward exercising every day
  • get strong/able to lift heavy
  • increase flexibility
  • improve cardio/heart health

Relationship goals

  • do a big nice thing for someone once per month
  • call little sisters weekly
  • call rest of family biweekly
  • write little sisters monthly
  • initiate hangouts with the crew
  • host a monthly brunch
  • stay in touch with besties
  • connect with extended family
  • birthday cards! they are fun – send them

Mental health

  • read two books per month
  • read all the books I own
  • try the self-care course Meg recommended
  • write!
  • complete courses I’ve purchased


  • At Long Last – one per month
  • portrait shoots
  • start my own traditions
    • personal advent calendar


  • family newsletter
  • go through all my belongings
  • write screenplay adaption
  • write murder mystery
  • make freezer meals
  • UnValentines Day party
  • book club
  • work on my yearlong course
  • make homemade gifts
    • jar cookies/soup
    • frame


  • snake pits
  • find the peacocks
  • explore Manitoba
  • wire jewelry


  • invest monthly
  • save $25,000+


  • set self up before work (food, errands, people)
  • photography
  • do work I’m excited about
  • write

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You win by working

Something I’ve been realizing lately is just how important it is to keep working at the things you want to achieve and be good at.

I know it seems obvious, but it’s so easy to wait to feel inspired or good enough at something before making your move. I think I’ve waited far too long to start creating something, anything, even something that’s terrible or mediocre. But I need to just make something.

This article, Consistency Beats Talent, Luck, Good Intentions, and Even Quality, reminded me of the importance of buckling down. It was enjoyable to read. I hadn’t heard that Will Smith quote before so I found it:

What is it in your life that needs your focus and consistency?

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Start your year off with Side Hustle School

If you’ve ever wanted to start your own business but didn’t know where to start, may I recommend Side Hustle School?

Starting its second year “on the air,” Side Hustle School is a daily podcast hosted by Chris Guillebeau. It’s all about how to build an asset for yourself, not in a large, quit-your-job-and-start-your-own-business kind of way. Instead, Guillebeau advocates for starting small using skills and knowledge you already have.

Episodes are released daily and are less than ten minutes long. Six days a week the episode is focused on a real-life story of someone’s side hustle. There are no interviews, just Guillebeau telling the story and extracting lessons for everyone to learn from. At the end of each week comes a recap, where he summarizes important points from the week and teases for what’s coming up next.

Partway through 2017 (which was his first year doing the podcast), Guillebeau started doing monthly “Extended Cuts,” which involves more detail on a topic that his listeners want to learn more about, such as how to build a website.

I’m a bit behind – still in June from 2017. But the website has an episode summary by week so it’s easy to catch up. I have Side Hustle School on my Listen to This page, but wanted to give a proper shout-out because it really is a great show.

Do yourself a favour and have a listen!